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GR - Moma's Day.png
GR - Moma's Day.png


This Mother’s Day we are celebrating all of our beloveds who have come to us through choice, through blood or through magic, and who have cared for us, guided us, watched out for us and held us tight.


You & your invited guest will enjoy an evening of care, good food and beautiful company. You will feast on light bites and beverages, followed by a fabulous farm-fresh meal that concludes with a delicious dessert. Set against the backdrop of a reconfigured 1920s theater, to the sounds of a live jazz duo, you will get to share a few words of appreciation for your invited guest, and you will each walk away with handcrafted treats from THE NEST.

You can opt to amplify your offering to your loved one with a custom care package created by friends of

THE NEST, Seeds & Song.

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Mothering is worked by chosen and accidental mentors who agree to support some growing unpredictable thing called future. Mothering is worked by house mothers in ball culture who provide spaces of self-love and expression from/as queer youth of color in the street. What would it mean for us to take the word “mother” less as a gendered identity and more as a possible action, a technology of transformation that those people who do the most mothering labor are teaching us right now?



"Keyword Mothering" in Parapraxis

Come, Gather Round 

and celebrate the momas who have supported each of us along our paths.

Gather Round 10-8-22 Invitation
THE NEST - Gather Round
THE NEST - Gather Round - DLo
THE NEST - Gather Round - Leigh
Gather Round 10.8.22 Creative Deck
THE NEST - Gather Round - Mary
Gather Round
THE NEST - Gather Round - Jas & Niko

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In these times where we are reminded that gathering and being together is precious and vital, guests are invited to come, Gather Round!

At an intimate dinner party in the park, featuring local chefs, glasses clink, bellies laugh and music dances through the trees as we sit, tucked in a grove of pines in the heart of the city. A small group of friends and strangers meet in a grove of trees in a park, or a repurposed turn-of-the-century theatre or a hidden garden to celebrate the gift of good food, good people and gathering.

This Gather Round was the first of many, and the soft launch of THE NEST.

Asset 43_4x.png

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