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The Nest Creatives


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an ecosystem of radical dreamers

connecting people to each other, themselves, & the Earth

a community of creatives

tending, weaving & sharing cultural strategies 


a creative studio & gathering hub

investing in a thriving future, today


a practice site for collective liberation

The Nest Creatives

for the good of the earth, each other, & our collective future

we create, we gather, we dream

we nurture possibilities

we build

Design, Events & Networking

to amplify radical visions for the future 


We cultivate cultural change through visual communications, collective gatherings, and by amplifying & resourcing visionaries. We celebrate dreamers building skills and ways of being that will serve us today, and in a more liberated, just, and thriving future.


We are a collective of creatives resourcing changemakers with the tools to realize their wildest dreams. 


we trust

we are all artists, creators, dreamers

we each have the capacity to create change

a better world is possible

we value

The Nest is a site of experimentation & embodied practice, sown together with:

connection: we root into relationship, reciprocity, accountability, generosity & belonging 

care: through attention, intention & beauty we tend to the needs & dreams of our community, the Earth and ourselves

craft: we invest in practice that produces collective benefit; we celebrate form & function

adaptation: we experiment, iterate & evolve as a creative strategy for making art and an essential strategy for collective survival 

collaboration: our dreams, our work, our communities, & our impact are strengthened through our commitment to build together 

we dream

Dreaming is an organizing strategy.

Dreaming is an essential part of the solution.

dreamers are:

  • radical visionaries & transformative agitators

  • innovaative creators, seekers & healers

  • waymakers, culture keepers & weavers

  • people with a vision of a better world who act to bring that world life

change theory

When the radical imagination of Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, Queer & Trans creatives & entrepreneurs is amplified through cultural strategy, the pathway to a collective thriving future is illuminated.

A thriving future where we:

  • are more connected, instead of less

  • hold the tools to adapt to an politically, socially & environmentally evolving world

  • collaborate to craft practices that care for each & the earth without sacrificing either

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we create

THE NEST is a dream that has been held and nurtured for years, and maybe lifetimes, by Founder & Executive Creative Director, Leigh Robbie Gaymon-Jones. This first iteration of THE NEST is a direct outgrowth of Leigh Robbie's practice as an interdisciplinary artist, facilitator and community builder. The team of collaborators are creatives Leigh Robbie has been inspired by, many of whom for years. She is thrilled about the ways THE NEST will continue to expand, shift and flourish, shaped by collaboration and partnership with more and more brilliant dreamers. 


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