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Ballot Breakdown

Guests grab a bite, have a drink and

Breakdown the Ballot!


For folks who care deeply about their community, recognize all the ways that local and national politics aren’t reflecting their values, and want to engage with voting and the policy process in a meaningful way. But somehow every time an election rolls around, they find themselves scrambling to get their hands on progressive voter guide, and hope for the best. The Ballot Breakdown is for you!

The Ballot Breakdown is an opportunity to:

  • Tap into your core values

  • Learn together about local political structures, issues, and candidates

  • Draw connections between your values and your votes

  • Enjoy good snacks, drinks & good people

  • Feel empowered,  get informed, and stay connected

We're sure to bring the Ballot Breakdown back next election... so stay tuned!

 Voting Materials

At The Ballot Breakdown community prepared for the 2022 midterm elections by digging into their questions, concerns and electoral dreams together!

Check out the voter resources  The Nest made to support the event.

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