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Borders Like Water Brand Kit

Woven Studios at THE NEST created a complete brand kit for the launch of Borders Like Water -- a cross-cultural re-imagination of borders and binaries.

Brand Kit

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Branding & Identity


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Las Imaginistas

Borders Like Water (BLW) is an international network of healers, visionaries and thought leaders. The project reimagines the future of cross-cultural collaboration as climate change increasingly influences where and how resources, people and wildlife move through time and space. Participants re-imagine borders and binaries (races, gender, national and otherwise) in relationship to the wisdom of water ways: participants ask "if borders have been like ice, how can the move like water?"

Woven Studios at THE NEST were invited to create a brand kit for Borders Like Water, which would serve as the visual anchor for the project launch campaign, led by Red Cypress Press. This complete Brand Kit included primary and secondary logos, a color palette, a font set, several graphic icons, a photo treatment, a set of social media backdrops, and a few social media mock ups for reference when we passed the kit to Red Cypress. We loved the opportunity to collaborate with Red Cypress!

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