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Preparing for the end of the world with queers, pro-tips and glitter 

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Dandy Scouts is The NEST’s community skill-share series for an ever changing world, where we may not be able to rely on the conveniences so many of us are accustomed to today. From nature hikes that identify edible and medicinal plants, to bike repair clinics and camping excursions for beginners, Dandy Scouts centers the leadership and wisdom BIPOC, queer and trans workshop facilitators. We aim to attract folks who do not often feel welcomed in craft, outdoor adventure and/or disaster preparedness spaces, with an emphasis on Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian & Pacific Islander, queer, trans and femme folks. 


The NEST collaborates with local specialists for each Dandy Scouts workshop, to offer you a chance to build out your toolkit for survival, alongside folks in our community who are steeped in the knowledge. We invite you to join us in building skills for survival from a queer & BIPOC lens that centers joy! We will hone essential practical skills, and cultivate community along the way.

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Meet the



Seeds & Song is a collective of Black queer, trans non-binary practitioners and medicine makers dedicated to nourishing pathways towards autonomy in our individual and communal healing. 

Seeds & Song founder, Jas, will be leading our Herbal First Aid Workshop. 


Seeds & Song

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Dandy Scouts Drafts-14.png
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