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Updated: Mar 25


Winter at The Nest was giving deep hibernation energy and filled with lots of self reflection! 

Last year, we walked ourselves through the brand framework process our team of creatives uses with clients as well as an internal communications exercise led by Anchal Bibra, our new Communications Director. We’ve come out the other side of 2023 with refined values that define and guide our work at The Nest!

CONNECTION: We center belonging by cultivating generous, reciprocal, and accountable relationships to each other and the Earth.

CRAFT: We bravely experiment, iterate, and evolve.

COLLABORATION: We dream and build alongside and with our ecosystem partners to strengthen our communities.

CARE: We are relational with our clients, community, and creators. 

The development of values is an essential, grounding tool for any business, organization, or project. At The Nest, we think about the values of a brand as the ‘How’ of the brand! The guiding question we asked ourselves and we ask our clients as we build and hone a set of values is: How will the work live & feel in the world? 

Values serve as the filter or the alignment check for everything an organization creates, and helps anchor the work and the messages of the brand so it doesn’t drift away from its purpose. 

We’re excited to dive into our client and public programming work this year with Connection, Craft, Collaboration, and Care as our touchstones. 

To see a deeper dive into our values with our Founder and Executive Creative Director, Leigh Robbie Gaymon-Jones, check out our IG Reel!


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